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7 mins

10 best marriage counseling services in Charlotte, NC [2024]

Marriage counseling, along with pre-marriage counseling, can be a powerful tool to help you and your significant other work through current and future challenges. By enlisting professional help, you can…


4 mins

Should We Get Engaged?

As told by Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon, a therapist, professor, speaker, and author with extensive expertise in relationships and Relational Self-Awareness.
A husband and wife smiling and talking in the kitchen


14 mins

Balancing work and relationships a challenge for 74% of people

Work is hard, but so are relationships. Our data shows that stresses at work and relationships often bleed into others, further strengthening the need for a healthy work-life balance. It’s…
Married couple about to kiss while waiting for a subway.


11 mins

How to increase physical intimacy in a relationship: 11 ideas

Physical intimacy is important in many relationships, but it ebbs and flows. Whether you’re looking to bring physical intimacy back or increase it in your relationship, there are simple ways…


6 mins

Advice for couples from a certified professional wedding officiant

As a Certified Professional Wedding Officiant, I've had the privilege of witnessing the union of countless couples, each with their own unique story and vision for their special day. Over…


6 mins

Merging Lives Legally and Emotionally: A Guide to Name Changes and More

Marriage signifies a deep commitment between two partners, often involving a blend of legal and emotional intertwining of lives, especially when deciding to change your name. We partnered with Courtly…
Married couple happy and hugging on a mountain after a hike.


9 mins

10 best marriage counseling therapists in Denver, CO

Marriage counseling is a great way to learn how to have difficult conversations while gaining additional tools to bring you closer together with your partner. Through relationship counseling in Denver,…
A husband and wife smiling while looking out the window while traveling on a bus together.


10 mins

Relationship statistics for finding a partner in 2024

Where are couples most likely to meet? How did the pandemic affect relationships? And how many couples actually go to counseling? Relationships are unique, and there’s a lot to learn…