Audrey & Felipe

Est. 2022
Interviewed Jan 02, 2024
From first impressions to fifth date picnics, this couple's journey has been marked by profound insights and genuine connection.

What was your first impression of each other?

Audrey: I was really in awe of his maturity and how wise he was. He was established and knew who he was, didn’t play any games, and had such a rich life experience. The chemistry was immediately obvious too.

Felipe: A sweet and highly driven woman, with an unbelievable sense of altruism and selflessness. You know that connection that allows you to talk with a person for hours, about a hundred different topics, and still feel there is more to learn about? That was us on the first date.

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

A: His attentiveness – emotionally, intellectually, physically.

F: Her ability to balance out life obligations with small pleasant moments to admire the beauty of life. For instance, why not take a walk around the block on a sunny day and feel the breeze between meetings?

How long have you two been together for?

About a year and a half. We started seeing each other in July 2022.

What’s your number one tip for resolving conflict?

A: Be transparent and communicate your feelings and how you’re interpreting things instead of running with assumptions. Usually those assumptions are wrong and can come from past experience instead of fact.

F: If you’re intentional about learning about your partner, you’ll start to understand scenarios and predict conflicts and avoid them before they happen. Learn about your love.

What’s most important to you in a relationship?

A: Selflessness.

F: Respect and shared values are the most foundational pillars in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on couples therapy? If you’ve attended therapy, what have you learned?

A: I think therapy of any kind is so powerful. The more you work to understand yourself, the better you show up in a relationship. Couples therapy is an extra support to overcome a challenge, to go deeper, or to prepare for something big!

F: I’ve personally never attended couples therapy, only individual therapy, which expanded my self-awareness and increased my self-love. I believe that with couples it wouldn’t be different, the outcomes will be more knowledge about the couple’s dynamic and a clear action plan to increase the overall well-being of the couple.

Describe how you met in emojis:


What’s your rose/bud/thorn?


  • Rose: Being intentional – about our time together, future, and how we show up for each other! and travel/adventures!
  • Bud: Communicating our feelings and repairing things quickly if we have arguments.
  • Thorn: Truly understanding differences and respecting them.


  • Rose: Planning and aspirations.
  • Bud: Shared activities, such as group sports.
  • Thorn: Be better with dates and make milestones special.