Imagine you’re 100 years old and looking back on your life.

What would you remember? Seriously. Think about it. If you’re anything like us, you probably thought of...

  • Date nights with your partner
  • Bedtime cuddles with your kids
  • Late night giggles with your siblings
  • Dinners with your parents
  • Truth or dare with your first friend
  • Inside jokes with your coworker

You’re in good company because relationships are the universal fabric that make us human. They’re more than that though. Relationships are often the #1 predictor of our physical, emotional and mental health — our wellness.

That’s why we’re building a space for you to grow your closest relationships. It’s relationship wellness, starting with preventive care for couples during big life moments - a modern take on couples counseling and premarital counseling.

Our vision is a world of great relationships, made better. Our mission is to empower 1 billion hours of OURS, creating stronger, healthier, and more intentional relationships than ever before.

OURS started with a secret…

We were in great relationships, but things weren’t perfect… or we were worried about the future… or we just wanted to be proactive. When we told our friends we were looking into couples counseling, they gasped… and then revealed that they were too. We were shocked at how many were looking for or already in couples counseling.

We started OURS to make couples counseling more accessible, destigmatized, and designed for couples today. We believe that it’s never too early to proactively invest in your relationship and that every couple should go to couples counseling (or something like it). We’re building a world where relationships are happier, healthier, and longer lasting; where couples look back on their relationships when they’re old and gray and smile, because it was everything they wanted.

Imagine your older sister – someone who knows and cares for you better than anyone and who also happens to be a world-class couples therapist – designing the ultimate adventure for you and your partner, with the goal of helping you build a strong foundation and grow together. That’s OURS.

We’re a small team of designers, builders, therapists, academics, and relationship obsessives who are just getting started.

Meet the team.

Jessica Holton

Co-founder and co-CEO; ask me about my NYT crossword puzzle adventures

Adam Putterman

Co-founder and co-CEO; ask me about tennis, Libby, Luna, and clouds

Liz Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT

Co-founder and Head of Relationship Health; ask me about the book I wrote

Tyler Zey

Head of Engineering; ask me about listening to classical music

Nora Nova, M.Ed.

Lead Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about the languages I speak

Robin Dunn Bryant, MSW

Relationship scientist and Guide; ask me about my obsession with dogs

Hannah Grisack

Growth; ask me about the cognitive psychology research I did at Wake Forest

Liza Arnold

Operations; ask me about my work with social entrepreneurship at UVA

Derek Flanzraich

Advisor and CEO of Ness; ask me about getting six-pack abs once and hating them

Shadeen Francis, LMFT, CST

Advisor and sex / relationship therapist; ask me about my interior design projects.

Michael Fulwiler

Advisor and ex-CMO of The Gottman Institute; ask me about baseball

Harmony Hampton, MSW

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my military service

Janay Holland, MFT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my TikTok video of the week

Wande Ogunkoya, MSW

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me how long it took to complete today's Wordle

Haley Selarnick, LMFT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about what recipe I'm making this week

Stephanie Wray, LMHC, ATR-BC, EXAT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my passion for expressive arts

Steph Peters

Executive Assistant; ask me about my fascination with plants