How it works

  • Published Jan 11, 2024

    2 mins read
  • Written by:Clio Dill
How it works


Getting started with couples therapy has never been this easy.

01 Get started with onboarding

Let us know what you’re looking for in a therapist. You’ll spend no more than 5 minutes answering simple questions about your background, what you’re hoping to work on, and your non-negotiables. At Ours, we pay our therapists above the going rate to ensure you receive quality care.

02 We’ll match you with a therapist

Based on your onboarding form, we’ll match you with a therapist who best fits your preferences. We’ll send you an email when you’ve been matched, so that you can login and take a look at their calendar to choose your appointment time.

03 Access digital tools in between sessions

Once you have an account, use our digital tools to strengthen your relationship in between sessions. ‘Rose Bud Thorns’ are used for weekly reflections between you and your partner and ‘Card Decks’ are conversation facilitators, to make the tough stuff easier to talk about.

04 Attend sessions

Whether you are looking to attend sessions weekly, are preparing for marriage/engagement, or just want a space to connect — Ours plans are flexible to meet your needs. From conversations having conversations about topics like communication and finances, to learning something you never knew about your partner, we’re sure you’ll be a part of the 99% of couples who feel closer after Ours.


We’re happy to help. Reach out at

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