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Healing After Hurtful Words

  • Published May 22, 2024

    3 mins read
  • Written by:Shadeen Francis
Healing After Hurtful Words

A Therapist’s Guide to Rebuilding Trust and Reconnecting

As a marriage and family therapist, I’ve seen over a decade’s worth of couples struggle to reconnect and rebuild trust after conflict. Arguments, hurtful words, and even miscommunications can leave deep wounds that, if left unaddressed, can undermine the foundation of even strong relationships.

But conflict doesn’t have to be a breaking point. Communication is a skill, and it is possible to have disagreements that lead to better understanding and deeper connection. As you build new tools, you and your partner can navigate the complex emotions that come with conflict, and repair your bond after a hurtful exchanges.

To help you on this journey, I created the “Healing After Hurtful Words” card deck. It is designed to give couples like you a roadmap to forgiveness, understanding, and renewed connection. And, of course, it is an opportunity for play! While it may not be “fun” in the traditonal sense (I am a therapist after all), these questions often bring people deeper into the heart of healing connection, which is it’s own kind of pleasure.

So, who is this deck for, and what can you expect from it?

Who It’s For:

  • Couples who have had a painful argument and want to reconnect
  • Partners who struggle to communicate effectively during conflicts
  • Individuals who want to take accountability for their role in the argument
  • Those who are ready to practice forgiveness and let go of resentment

What It Covers:

  • Strategies for expressing your feelings and needs with clarity and compassion
  • Techniques for active listening and validating your partner’s experience
  • Prompts for self-reflection and taking responsibility for your actions
  • Exercises for practicing self-compassion and extending forgiveness
  • Tools for setting intentions and boundaries for future arguments

Why It Works:

  • Facilitates open, honest communication and emotional vulnerability
  • Encourages empathy and understanding of each other’s perspectives
  • Provides a structured, guided approach to navigating difficult conversations
  • Helps identify and break negative patterns in your conflict resolution style
  • Develops a shared language for discussing your needs and boundaries
  • Fosters a sense of teamwork and shared commitment to your relationship

Using the “Healing After Hurtful Words” deck is like having extra support in the room guiding you through the process of rebuilding trust and reconnecting with your partner. (Like a little therapy angel on your shoulder!) By engaging with the prompts and exercises, you’ll have an opportunity to gain new insights into yourself, your partner, and the unique dynamics of your relationship.

My deepest hope for you is that you’ll use this deck to cultivate a deeper sense of empathy, understanding, and appreciation for one another – the building blocks of a relationship that gets stronger over time, even when tested.

If you’d like to heal from hurtful exchanges, rebuild trust, and reconnect with deeper compassion and understanding, I invite you to explore the “Healing After Hurtful Words” card deck. I am wishing you both peace and pleasure as you play!

The card deck

Developed by Shadeen Francis, a licensed psychotherapist, educator, and speaker dedicated to helping people connect with their feelings and improve their relationships.

Healing After Hurtful Words

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