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Relationship wellness

5 mins

Five couples therapy worksheets to strengthen your relationship  

A strong and healthy relationship starts with effective communication. That’s why we’ve created five couples therapy worksheets — your cheat sheets to foster a more open and honest partnership. No matter where your relationship stands, it takes effort to nurture it. Numerous tools are available to help you and your partner improve your relationship, including…

Relationship wellness

11 mins

14 Tips for How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Marriage

If your relationship is struggling with intimacy, you’re not alone. One study surveyed almost 18,000 couples in the United States and found that 15.6 percent of married couples hadn’t had sex within the last year. The same survey found that 13.5 percent of married couples hadn’t had sex in the last five years. While being…

Relationship wellness

10 mins

In love vs. love: What’s the difference?

When it comes to romantic relationships, there’s a difference between loving someone and being in love — but how do you distinguish between the two? Love is a driving force in relationships. It involves feelings of trust, compassion, and closeness. There are many types of love — you may love your romantic partner, parents, friends,…

Relationship wellness

7 mins

Replace your weekly date with a Rose Bud Thorn

A ritual exercise for you and your partner to regularly check in on how you’re doing as a couple.

Relationship wellness

7 mins

Going to couples therapy made me start a business

Hear from one of the Ours founders about the personal story and inspiration behind the Ours platform.

Relationship wellness

6 mins

How to find a couples therapist

What to think about, ask, and research when you're looking for a couples therapist.