Becca & Kev

Est. 2021
Interviewed Aug 23, 2023
Becca and Kev are all about honesty and communication, but still find ways to make each other laugh.

What was your first impression of your partner?

Becca: Tall! Also cute, funny and confident ❤️

Kev: Cute, funny, easy to talk to.

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

B: His kindness! He can make anyone around him feel comfortable and always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

K: The way she treats others and the way she looks at the world.

How long have you two been together for?

B: 2.5 years.

K: Almost three years.

What is your number one tip for resolving conflict?

B: Being open and honest! Even if it causes an argument, it always helps in the long run.

K: Communicate. Express your own feelings, don’t attack the other person’s feelings.

What’s most important to you in a relationship?

B: Quality time and trust.

K: How the other person makes you feel, and life values.

What are your thoughts on couples therapy? If you’ve attended therapy, what have you learned?

B: I think it’s great! We’ve never been but I think it could help any relationship get stronger.

K: I haven’t attended couples therapy but wouldn’t be closed off to it.

Describe how you met your partner in emojis:


What’s your rose/bud/thorn?


  • Rose: Honesty.
  • Bud: Seeing each other’s perspective is a new one that we’re working on when in a disagreement (he’s better than I am).
  • Thorn: Managing emotions (lol)


  • Rose: Making each other laugh.
  • Bud: Communicating our feelings.
  • Thorn: Respecting each other’s viewpoint.