Jeremy & Cori

Est. 2020
Interviewed Jan 03, 2024
From meeting at a wedding to getting married a few years later. Jeremy and Cori talk about how love at first sight can turn into to true, lasting love…

What was your first impression of each other?

Jeremy: I was incredibly nervous! It was a ‘love at first sight’ moment for me. She was standing alone glowing while everything else shifted to soft focus. I was hearing harps and trumpets in my head until they drowned in the drumming of how fast my heart was beating. My hands were shaking a bit when I first introduced myself – honestly surprised I remembered my name. Our introduction was quite brief and I remember feeling mildly electrocuted.

Cori: My first impression was that he was cute, respectful, easy to talk to, and made me feel safe.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

J: We share joyful hearts. There’s so much laughter and silliness in our house. It’s a deeply vulnerable and unique exchange that has its own personality when we’re alone. Our secret language of love that really tickles my heart.

C: My favorite thing about Jeremy is how gentle, thoughtful, smart, and true to himself he is.

How long have you two been together for?

J: Since February 6, 2020.

C: 3 years, but we met 4 years ago!

What is your number one tip for resolving conflict?

J: I like to take a moment early in the conflict to stop and reframe how we’re communicating. This allows us to take space and remember the tools we have at our disposal to turn conflict into constructive conversation. After a bit of space and reflection, we’re able to express our needs to one another in a way that’s based on love and not frustration.

C: Talk, LISTEN, take space if you need to, be on the same team, and show up.

What’s most important to you in a relationship?

J: Friendship. Cori and I are best friends, and in that friendship, we’re able to find thoughtfulness, kindness, and empathy for each other.

C: Friendship, enjoying each other’s company, honesty, allowing each other to be individuals, romance, and thoughtfulness.

What are your thoughts on couples therapy? If you’ve attended therapy, what have you learned?

J: I think couples therapy is critical to a relationship while you navigate life’s intricacies and nuances. I’ve learned that I’m not alone. The way I approach challenges and deal with stress directly affects my partner, not just me. I’ve learned how to be more vulnerable and trusting, which has formed a strong foundation we build our love and lives.

C: I love couples therapy! We have navigated many external challenges and traumas in our time together and need someone to help us understand how to address our reactions to these challenges while honoring our partner’s experience. Also, we are two different people so learning about your partner and yourself in a supportive environment is so helpful.

Describe how you met in emojis:

J: ⚜️ 📷 ⚫️ 💒 💅🏻 🍕 🍷 🚫 🔑 💌

C: ⚜️💒🌯💅

What’s your rose/bud/thorn?


  • Rose: I think we flourish by staying positive and loving in stressful situations and turbulent times. We’ve been through a lot together and it shows how strong and trusting we are of each other’s love and intuition.
  • Bud: We’re working on having a more healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.
  • Thorn: I’d love to improve the way we navigate our internal strife while keeping a loving environment and home. It’s easy for those things to spill out.


  • Rose: Making time for fun and romance while navigating challenges we are great at!
  • Bud: We are growing in being healthy mentally, physically, environmentally, and emotionally.
  • Thorn: Making our mental health our own priorities rather than relying on each other to navigate it for us.