OURS: The Feature Film

  • Published Jan 11, 2024

    1 min read
  • Written by:Clio Dill
OURS: The Feature Film


A feature film directed by Vivian Kim, capturing real life couples in NYC.

Jasmine + Miah

Jasmine and Miah were gracious enough to let us film at their apartment in Forest Hills.

Kai + Jah

Viv captured this couple at Rockaway Beach on a Saturday morning.

Emmie + Chase

We met Emmie and Chase in Greenpoint and followed them around as they perused the streets, buying roses.


Director & Photographer – Vivian Kim @viviankimx
DP (City, Beach, & Car) – Brandon Yoon @brndnyn
DP (Home) – Mackenzie Fisher @fish_vision
First AC – Arjun Bajaj @arjunbajaja
Second AC / Film Loader – Lucy Moloney
Gaffer – Forest Erwin @forest.erwin
Photo Assist – Anna Henderson @annahenders0n
Producer – Erica Snowden@ericasnowden
PA – Jacob Friedman @jcb_frdmn
Edit – Cobi Byrne @cobibyrne
Color – Connor Bailey @connorjbailey, House Post @housepost

Kai Avent-deLeon – @kaiaventdeleon
Jahkeem Galloway – @jahkeemjamal
Emmie America – @emmieamerica
Chase Noelle Lombardo – @leather_locklear
Jasmine De Leon – @jasleon
Nehemiah Magsino – @miah.c.m

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