How much is couples therapy?

  • Published Jan 29, 2024

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  • Written by:Shea Stevens
  • Reviewed by:Benu Lahiry, LMFT
How much is couples therapy?


If you’re new to therapy, the cost of couples counseling can be daunting — here’s what to expect. 

Couples may seek out therapy to help foster a healthier relationship. Through this process, they can get help navigating relationship difficulties associated with communication, trust, connection, and trauma. Investing in couples therapy can help strengthen the foundation of your relationship so that it’s more resilient to future conflicts. 

When considering therapy with your partner, understanding the cost can help you budget appropriately. So, how much is couples therapy?

In this article, we’ll dive into the average cost of couples therapy as well as the factors that influence the price. We’ll also answer commonly asked questions regarding the cost of couples therapy. 

What is the average cost of couples therapy? 

The average cost of couples therapy can vary greatly. In fact, some practitioners charge as much as $500 per session. At Ours, sessions range from $150 to $200 per session, depending on the number of sessions you purchase. 

4 factors that affect the cost of couples therapy

Various factors impact the cost of couples therapy, including location, the therapist’s qualifications, the length of the sessions, and whether the sessions occur online vs. in person. Let’s look at how these variables impact the cost of couples therapy. 


The cost of couples therapy can vary depending on what state and city you live in. For example, couples therapy in San Francisco, CA, typically runs between $200 and $250, while Green Bay, WI, averages between $120 and $150 per session. 

Online vs. in-person sessions  

Many private practice therapists offer both in-person and online sessions, although the cost usually doesn’t vary between the two options. 

However, online therapy platforms can be more affordable because they typically offer subscriptions. At Ours, a 4-session per month subscription equates to $150 per session, while stand-alone sessions cost $200 each. 

Therapist licensing and experience 

Your specific provider’s qualifications impact the cost of your sessions. Therapists with extensive qualifications, training, experience, education and licensing tend to charge more than those just starting in the field. 

It’s also important to note that couples therapy is a specialized type of therapy that requires a certain set of training and skills. Therefore, it typically costs more than individual therapy. 

Length and frequency of therapy appointments

While most couples therapy sessions are a standard therapy hour (between 50 and 55 minutes), many therapists offer longer sessions that can last 80 minutes or more. Since most therapists charge by the hour, the longer the session, the more it will cost.

In addition to session length, the frequency will influence the cost. Most therapists recommend that couples starting therapy attend one session per week. Once your relationship feels more stable, you might consider reducing the frequency of your sessions. For example, couples attending for maintenance typically have one to two sessions per month. 


Below, we’ve answered common questions regarding the cost of couples therapy. 

Are there discounts for couples therapy?  

There are typically no discounts for couples therapy for those dealing with financial hardship. However, some therapists may use a sliding scale to help lower the prices, which means that the cost of the session can vary depending on your specific income level. Community health centers and nonprofits may also offer reduced rates. 

Additionally, some online therapy platforms may offer a discounted first session. At Ours, your first session is only $50.  

Is couples counseling covered by insurance? 

In most cases, couples counseling isn’t covered by health insurance plans because it’s not considered “medically necessary.” As a result, most couples pay out-of-pocket for their sessions. 

However, insurance may cover couples therapy if you and/or your partner have a mental health diagnosis. Before your session, check with your provider to see if you’re eligible for coverage. 

Is couples counseling worth it? 

For most couples, counseling is worth it. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), about 90% of clients experienced an improvement in their emotional health after receiving treatment. 

Another study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy found that therapy positively impacted 70% of couples after receiving treatment. 

Here are some benefits you can expect from couple’s therapy that make it worth it: 

  • Better communication: Your therapist can provide you with techniques for effectively talking and listening to your partner so you can both express your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. 
  • Greater understanding: Couples therapy can help you better understand your partner’s wants and needs and vice versa. 
  • Rebuilt trust: A therapist can help you address and discuss instances where trust was broken and begin rebuilding trust between you and your partner. 
  • Strengthened emotional bonds: Your therapist may guide you through discussions and exercises that help foster emotional intimacy. 
  • Conflict resolution skills: Therapy sessions can teach you and your partner conflict resolution skills so you can effectively identify and address issues on your own. 

Start your couples therapy journey with Ours

In conclusion, couples therapy can be a valuable investment in the quality of your relationship. When beginning your therapy journey, understanding the cost can help you determine how to fit it into your budget. 

While most couples therapy sessions cost between $100 and $200, many factors influence the price. Although discounts for couples therapy are limited, some online therapy platforms offer a lower rate to get started. 

Ready to begin your couples therapy journey at an affordable price? At Ours, new clients receive a discounted session. Sign up today to get started. 

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