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  • Last updated Mar 5, 2024

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How well do you know your partner?

It’s time to find out how well you actually know your partner with the world’s most comprehensive couples quiz. How much do you really know about the person you’re dating or even sleeping next to every night? Take some time to check-in and learn more about one another. We made it simple with the internet’s most in-depth list of questions for couples. There are enough questions here for a date night’s worth of fun. Get ready for glaring looks or beaming smiles as you quiz your partner on just how much they know you.

The Couples Quiz Explained

This couples quiz is the most comprehensive list of relationship questions available on the internet. With 300 questions to get the conversation flowing, you may get to know your partner better than they know themselves! We crafted this quiz with compatibility in mind, helping you dig in deep or keep things light, no matter how long you’ve been together.

The Quiz

  1. What signs let you know that your partner’s having a bad day?
  2. Does your partner have your picture in their wallet?
  3. Do you know your partner’s goals for your relationship?
  4. What was your partner’s first job?
  5. What are your pet names? How did they come about?
  6. What tactics does your partner use to manage their anger?
  7. What physical qualities do they find most attractive about you?
  8. Where is the worst place they’ve traveled?
  9. How many countries has your partner visited?
  10. Has your partner ever performed in front of an audience?
  11. What is your partner’s favorite book?
  12. Can your partner dance?
  13. Does your partner enjoy camping and the Great Outdoors?
  14. Does your partner have any birthmarks? Where?
  15. What issue was your partner addressing at their last doctor visit?
  16. Can they name your favorite restaurant?
  17. Where is your partner’s safe place?
  18. What is your partner’s fondest memory from childhood?
  19. Would your partner call you an extrovert or introvert?
  20. Is your partner a procrastinator, or do they work steadily towards their goals?
  21. Would you or your partner be open to couples therapy?
  22. What is their favorite thing to do when it’s raining?
  23. Is there anything your partner would change about you?
  24. Ice cream in a cone or cup?
  25. Is your partner an effective communicator?
  26. What is the most significant disagreement you’ve had?
  27. Who is their favorite actor?
  28. Does your partner value money or relationships more?
  29. Which of his mother’s recipes are his favorite?
  30. Does your partner prefer reality television, sports, or news?
  31. Could they say what your favorite television show is?
  32. What flowers would they bring if you requested your favorite?
  33. Does your partner have many close friends?
  34. Could they name your favorite superhero?
  35. Which superpower would they choose to have?
  36. Does your partner prefer solo travel or traveling with groups?
  37. Is your partner handy, or do you call in a professional for repairs?
  38. Do insects give your partner the creeps? Which ones?
  39. Would they choose vanilla over chocolate?
  40. What does your partner like to eat in movie theaters?
  41. Do they prefer dogs or cats?
  42. How many children does your partner want to have.
  43. Is your partner happy in their career?
  44. Has your partner had any cooking fails?
  45. Is your partner a spendthrift or a saver?
  46. Is your partner a healthy eater, or do they prefer junk food?
  47. Does your partner think that pineapple belongs on pizza?
  48. What does your partner do to relax?
  49. Does your partner follow the rules or rebel?
  50. What was your partner’s favorite childhood television program?
  51. Name your partner’s most significant weakness.
  52. Do you know your partner’s bank account number?
  53. Did your partner have a religious upbringing?
  54. Which meal would they skip if they could only have two a day?
  55. Does your partner have nice things to say about you to others?
  56. Could your partner tell you the name of your high school?
  57. Were any of those relationships serious?
  58. Is your partner argumentative?
  59. Does your partner have any food allergies?
  60. Is your partner clean and tidy or messy?
  61. What kind of hobbies did your partner have as a child?
  62. Does your partner have a favorite childhood story?
  63. Which bank does your partner use?
  64. Does your partner know how many first cousins you have?
  65. Was your partner the athletic, sporty type growing up?
  66. Was there a teacher they loathed?
  67. Who is your partner’s favorite author?
  68. What car would your partner choose if money were no object?
  69. How many credit cards are in your partner’s wallet?
  70. How do you know when they’re uncomfortable or upset?
  71. What is your favorite thing to do together?
  72. Coffee or tea?
  73. What was one of their worst dating experiences?
  74. Does your partner love or hate shopping?
  75. What signs let you know your partner is upset?
  76. What birthmarks, if any, does your partner have and where?
  77. Is your partner closer to their mother or father?
  78. Could your partner describe the type of student you were?
  79. Could your partner tell the moment you fell in love with them?
  80. What size shoe does your partner wear?
  81. Does your partner think of you when you’re apart?
  82. Would you describe your partner as humble or egotistical?
  83. What cosmetic product could your partner never give up?
  84. Could your partner name your biggest fear?
  85. What attributes do they like most about your personality?
  86. Name something sentimental that your partner treasures.
  87. Which parent does your partner resemble most?
  88. What language does your partner aspire to learn?
  89. Which ice cream toppings does your partner prefer?
  90. What one word would your partner use to describe themself?
  91. What activity do you both wish you could do more often?
  92. Can you name your partner’s favorite song?
  93. What are their favorite pizza toppings?
  94. Is there an event that changed the course of your partner’s life?
  95. What makes your partner jump for joy?
  96. Can you tell if your partner likes or dislikes someone?
  97. Are there any topics on which you have opposite beliefs?
  98. Does your partner sing in the shower?
  99. Can your partner do the laundry?
  100. Could you name your partner’s height?
  101. What is your partner’s middle name?
  102. What brand of deodorant does your partner use?
  103. Is your partner a people person?
  104. Who are the most important people in their life?
  105. Why did your partner’s last relationship end?
  106. What sleep position does your partner find most comfortable?
  107. How many nieces or nephews does your partner have?
  108. What secret hobbies do they have that they keep from friends?
  109. What is your partner’s favorite color?
  110. Can you count on your partner to help in an emergency?
  111. What’s your partner’s favorite film genre?
  112. Do you know the moment your partner decided you were the one?
  113. Does your partner take pride in the things they do?
  114. Is there an author that your partner dislikes?
  115. What was the worst thing your partner did as a child?
  116. What foods or dishes do they dislike?
  117. Do you know what turns on your partner?
  118. Could you name your partner’s weight?
  119. Does your partner know your favorite color?
  120. What was the name of your partner’s first pet?
  121. What is your partner’s favorite animal?
  122. Does your partner enjoy spicy food?
  123. Which household chore does your partner like the least?
  124. Does your partner take their time when they get ready?
  125. What one thing would immediately end the relationship?
  126. Could your partner name your favorite sport?
  127. At what location did you take your first photo together?
  128. Does your partner stop and ask for directions when lost?
  129. What makes your partner excited about life?
  130. Could you describe your partner’s philosophies about life?
  131. What past experiences have shaped your partner’s values?
  132. What cartoons, if any, does your partner enjoy watching?
  133. Could your partner name your first pet?
  134. Is your partner a deep sleeper?
  135. Does your partner snore?
  136. Could your partner name your first job?
  137. Can your partner manage a budget?
  138. If your partner could dine with one person from any time or place, who would they choose?
  139. Does your partner like your parents?
  140. How many relationships did your partner have before yours?
  141. Has your partner ever dyed their hair? What color?
  142. Is your partner easily jealous?
  143. Describe a time where your partner was surprised by your reaction to a situation.
  144. How long have your partner’s parents been married?
  145. What is your partner’s biggest regret?
  146. Does your partner know the anniversary of when you first became a couple?
  147. What is their favorite cleaning product?
  148. Would your partner prefer a minimalist or luxurious lifestyle?
  149. Has your partner ever said anything hurtful about you? How did you work through it?
  150. Could your partner name your favorite film genre?
  151. At what age did your partner have their first kiss?
  152. Does your partner have a good relationship with their parents?
  153. Does your partner make the bed every day or leave it unmade?
  154. Would your partner be able to describe your childhood?
  155. What is your partner’s deepest fear?
  156. Would your partner say that romance is still alive and well in your relationship?
  157. What would your partner say is the best thing about you?
  158. Who does your partner respect the most?
  159. Would your partner say you have similar or contrasting personalities?
  160. What breakfast dish gets your partner up in the morning?
  161. What historical event would your partner change if they could?
  162. Could you name what your partner believes to be the biggest weakness in your relationship?
  163. Can you name your partner’s top three values?
  164. What plans does your partner have for retirement?
  165. If your partner graduated from college, which one?
  166. What was your partner’s most embarrassing experience?
  167. Which comfort foods does your partner prefer?
  168. Is your partner superstitious?
  169. Does your partner know what you like best about them?
  170. Morning person or night owl?
  171. Can you describe what your partner does for a living?
  172. Does your partner have a preferred traveling method (planes, trains, or automobiles)?
  173. Does your partner have any non-food allergies?
  174. Is your partner a good leader?
  175. Do you know your partner’s high school nickname?
  176. Are there any genres that your partner dislikes?
  177. What is your partner’s favorite meal of the day?
  178. Which outfit makes your partner feel most attractive?
  179. Does your partner enjoy cooking? What is their signature dish?
  180. What is their favorite type of sandwich?
  181. Which member of the couple eats more?
  182. What does your partner like to do on the weekends?
  183. What gestures make your partner feel special and loved?
  184. Has your partner ever been arrested? Why?
  185. From which town or city does your partner hail?
  186. How would your partner like to be remembered?
  187. Do you know the maiden name of your partner’s mother?
  188. What is your partner’s alcoholic beverage of choice?
  189. Does your partner feel like they can trust you?
  190. Is there a go-to dish that your partner always orders?
  191. What actions does your partner take to pursue his goals?
  192. What is your partner’s non-alcoholic beverage of choice?
  193. Could you name two things on your partner’s bucket list?
  194. Could they tell you your eye color without looking?
  195. Has your partner ever shoplifted? Name something they’ve stolen.
  196. Would they rather eat at home or eat out?
  197. What is your partner’s annual salary?
  198. What makes your partner jealous?
  199. Does your partner enjoy reading newspapers?
  200. Where did your partner attend primary school? Can you name it?
  201. Does your partner vote? Who did they vote for in the last election?
  202. Can your partner name the dishes you dislike?
  203. Are there any unique life rules that your partner follows?
  204. How does your partner handle disappointment?
  205. What would be the first item purchased if your partner won the lottery?
  206. Can your partner service a car or change a tire?
  207. Which chore does your partner prefer? Laundry or dishes?
  208. Who is your partner’s best friend? Oldest friend?
  209. What is your partner’s greatest strength?
  210. What did your partner want to be as a child?
  211. What would your partner consider the best gift you ever gave them?
  212. Does your partner like sports? What is their favorite team?
  213. Does your partner have aunts and uncles? How many?
  214. What item did they always want as a child, but never got?
  215. What is your partner’s general attitude towards life? Positive? Cynical?
  216. How many languages can they speak?
  217. Do you share religious beliefs?
  218. What is one thing that your partner would never do, even for a million dollars?
  219. What is their favorite dessert?
  220. What online activities does your partner like to do for fun?
  221. Does your partner keep a journal?
  222. Does your partner have a spirit animal?
  223. Has your partner ever caught you in a lie?
  224. What food would your partner never give up?
  225. Where did your partner’s grandparents grow up?
  226. How many sexual partners have your partner had before you?
  227. What is your partner’s dream destination?
  228. Is your partner’s personality more like one parent than another?
  229. What signals does your partner send out when he’s angry?
  230. What tattoos, if any, does your partner have and where?
  231. What flavor cake is their favorite?
  232. What’s the most significant change in your lives since becoming a couple?
  233. What would your partner say has changed the most throughout your relationship?
  234. How many cousins does your partner have?
  235. Name your partner’s siblings.
  236. Does your partner have any pet peeves?
  237. Can you describe your partner’s childhood?
  238. Has your partner ever stayed up all night?
  239. What situations would cause your partner to fight, and which cause flight?
  240. Does your partner enjoy travel? What are their favorite travel spots?
  241. What subject did your partner like least in school?
  242. Is your partner passionate about any causes?
  243. What were your partner’s parent’s jobs?
  244. What are some of your partner’s insecurities?
  245. What color toothbrush does your partner use?
  246. Is your partner tech-savvy, or would he call in a professional for help?
  247. Which of your couple friends would you have a double date?
  248. Is your partner a good role model?
  249. Can your partner swim?
  250. Is there something your partner finds hilarious, but most people would disagree?
  251. Could they name your favorite actor?
  252. What types of gifts does your partner favor? Store-bought, gift cards, or handmade?
  253. Hot coffee or iced?
  254. What subject did your partner enjoy most in school?
  255. Who’s your partner’s favorite band?
  256. Is there something about your partner that only you know?
  257. What is your partner’s life goal?
  258. Did your partner have a favorite teacher? Can you name them?
  259. Are your partner’s grandparents still living? Name them.
  260. Was your partner a good student? Did they ever fail a grade?
  261. Is your partner a picky eater?
  262. What does your partner consider to be the best thing about their job?
  263. Has your partner had their wisdom teeth removed?
  264. Would your partner be able to pick the outfit you find most comfortable?
  265. Is there a task your partner finds difficult that most people can easily complete?
  266. Do public displays of affection bother your partner?
  267. What book did your partner most recently finish?
  268. What is your partner’s favorite restaurant?
  269. Do they like road trips?
  270. What is your partner’s idea of the perfect date?
  271. Which ice cream flavor does your partner favor most?
  272. What was the first meal your partner cooked for you?
  273. What three things would your partner miss the most if stranded on a deserted island?
  274. What makes your partner cry?
  275. Who is the better cook in the relationship?
  276. Does your partner prefer hot or cold showers?
  277. Is your partner an animal lover?
  278. Is laughter a big part of your relationship?
  279. Would they attend a high school reunion?
  280. Does your partner want to have a family?
  281. What chore does your partner hate doing?
  282. Has your partner ever broken a bone?
  283. Name your partner’s favorite season.
  284. Would your partner rather live in a big city or farm?
  285. Does your partner know who your high school best friend was?
  286. Sweet or savory?
  287. Which outfit of yours does your partner like most?
  288. Outside of sex, would your partner say you have an intimate relationship?
  289. What is your partner’s morning habit?
  290. Would you describe your partner as forgiving?
  291. What is the first movie you watched as a couple?
  292. Has your partner ever quit a job?
  293. How many siblings does your partner have?
  294. Does your partner have a controlling personality?
  295. What’s your partner’s favorite music genre?
  296. Which of your idiosyncrasies gets on their nerves?
  297. Does your partner prefer cozy nights in or group outings with friends?
  298. Has your partner ever had to undergo a surgical procedure?
  299. Could they recite your car license number?
  300. How does your partner take their coffee?
  301. What is the worst thing about their job?

The Results

Teacher, here is my exam. How did I do?

Let’s break it down:

Answered ‘Yes’ to 225-300 Questions

Congrats! You should be feeling in sync and confident in your relationship. You have open communication with your partner on topics that matter, not just what movie to watch on Netflix.

If you answered 225-300 correctly and feel like you and your partners are off to the races, it may be a great time to start couples therapy or premarital counseling. Even though you both are feeling strong in the relationship, there is always room to grow.

Answered ‘Yes’ to 150-225 Questions

Safe to say you and your partner have a solid understanding of each other, but you may want to consider having some of those more challenging conversations.

Not sure where to begin? Ours helps couples work through various issues ranging from finances, intimacy, family and more.

Answered ‘Yes’ to 75-150 Questions

No need to panic. If you knew the answers to 75-150 questions that indicates that there is still a lot you don’t know about your partner.

Your best approach could be to book into couples therapy or premarital counseling at Ours. The sessions will help you understand your partner more than ever, leaving you both feeling validated and heard in the relationship.

Answered ‘Yes’ to 0-75 Questions

While you may be feeling a little insecure about your relationship, it’s essential to know that all couples went through this phase. Yet, with time and dedication, they helped their relationship flourish.

If you and your partner find yourselves stuck, explore Ours — virtual couples therapy and premarital counseling.

Regardless of how many answers you and your partner answered ‘yes’ to, finding help from a licensed professional outsider about issues in your relationship is a healthy idea.

Ours is a modern-day relationship wellness company, offering virtual couples therapy and premarital counseling.

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