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This session will explore your personal psychology of money. You will discuss how money was managed in your families growing up, your past money management story, and the values you place on money.

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Above you'll find a demo for a single, Loveware-based OURS session. But OURS is so much more than that. It's a life changing experience that includes:

Two ~45 minute private sessions with a Guide.

Four handpicked 60 minute guided sessions via Loveware (like the one above).

A personalized roadmap catered to your relationship and goals.

Nearly unlimited questions, surprises, and more throughout the experience.

You can check out Hannah Seligson's account of her OURS experience in the New York Times here or our detailed program overview here.

We work with the best relationship experts we know and our Guides are no exception. They’ve all been especially handpicked for their compassion, enthusiasm, and trailblazing relationship approach.

Each Guide has, at the very least, a Master's degree in some form of Therapy, Mental Health, or Counseling (e.g., a Master's of Marriage and Family Therapy, a Master's of Psychology, etc.). Highly qualified and personally vetted, think of them as your personal cheerleader who will be there for you, at every step of your journey to answer your questions, give advice, and integrate your learnings. They uniquely tailor your experience to ensure you’re getting the most out of what you’re looking for.

3 steps...

Get started. Answer a few confidential questions to see if you’re a good fit for the premarital counseling program. Most OURS couples are proactive, looking for insight into their relationship, and excited to talk about something new.

Meet your Guide. If you’re a good match, we’ll reach out and introduce you to your Guide, a world-class expert who will be the center of your OURS journey. They will schedule a fun exploratory call to hear about where you’ve been as a couple and what you want in your relationship. Then your Guide will take what they've learned to map out how we can help you get there.

Start the OURS experience. The adventure begins. Through our research-backed proprietary program, we build a personalized experience for you and your partner to explore the big stuff together. You’ll use our special, relationship-building ‘loveware’ tech to navigate guided exercises, bespoke discussion prompts, and so much more.

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That's a weird question. And we love weird questions. See here.

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