A reverse directory for therapists — you pick the clients best for you.

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The community is currently free, by application only. All involvement is 100% optional, nothing is required, and there are no strings attached.
At OURS, we've worked with hundreds of therapists. Two of the recurring pain points we hear are finding more clients, and better-fit clients.
We're piloting something new — the first of its kind OURS Referral Hub: we send a weekly newsletter with anonymized, categorized clients looking for therapy. You'll let us know if any are a good fit and we’ll make the match for you. You'll get to fill your caseload for free.
Signing up gets you access to 4 things:
  • We’ll start sending your profile to any of our clients looking for therapy that seem like a particularly good fit with your preferences and approach.
  • You’ll also receive a weekly newsletter of all of our clients that you can choose from and let us know which might be a good fit - we’ll then send your info to the client and they’ll reach out to you directly.
  • Every month we’ll ask if you have room in your caseload. This is to make sure that we’re not sending you clients when you’re full / can’t see them.
  • We’re building the ability for clients to book directly with you and you’ll get early access to this feature and more.
You can sign up and see an example of what the email looks like below.