A new way to invest in your closest relationships.

Virtual premarital counseling to talk about the big stuff like communication, finances, values, and more. 4 weeks with an expert, 6 sessions, get started for just $50.

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If you're going to spend $$ on a photographer, you might as well set the foundation in your relationship to make sure you like the person in the pics 10yrs from now.

-Lindsey and Drew
Can we keep doing this forever? We loved the activities, the structure, and the conversations that kept flowing even after a session ended.

-Sophie and Patrick

4 weeks. 3 steps.
2 brains. 1 future.

Relationships are one of the best predictors of happiness and well-being. OURS is modern premarital counseling - guided by experts - for couples who want to fall in love with their partner over and over again, at every stage of their life together.
2 live, virtual sessions with an expert.
4 self-guided sessions with our Loveware.
A personalized roadmap of topics.
Fun surprises and meaningful moments.
Get started for $50.
~4% the cost of a wedding photographer
money-back guarantee if you're not happy

Built for all couples

Sometimes when two people love each other, they keep their clothes on and go to premarital counseling.

“The best part was that it was actually fun. Any couple regardless of what stage in their relationship could and would benefit from this. It’s all online, it’s accessible and we loved it and will remember it forever. I recommend it to everyone and couldn't be happier about our experience.”

- Rory and Anna

“Nora created such a safe, playful, and comfortable space for us to explore some otherwise sensitive conversations. After 4 years together, I was surprised how each session we were having a conversation that we hadn't approached before. You've created a true fan!”

- Dennis and Gigi

"We thoroughly enjoyed our time and journey led by our lovely Guide! Every session was personalized for us and Shade provided a safe space for us to be vulnerable and intimate so that we could be enlightened by our personal values and our shared vision for our future. OURS was incredible and has continued to contribute to our relationship months after!"

- Sherida and Kristen

"Ok so we just did our first session and LOVED it. We really leaned into the hour - ordered takeout, lit some candles, and got cozy. The session was so impactful in helping us learn about ourselves and thus understand each other better."

- Becca and Leah

"This gave us the language to talk about the things we needed to talk about. I think all couples would benefit from OURS. Even my grandparents and parents who've been together for decades would get a better understanding of each other and space for their relationship."

- Jocelyn and Jonpaul

"There's so many relationship resources out there but with OURS I felt really secure knowing there were certified licensed professionals - shout out to Liz - who were providing very customized support that was also backed by so much research and experience. It really felt like we had a strong and supportive confidant."

- Tem and Lam

A personalized roadmap

Every couple is different and so is your experience with OURS. Based on our proprietary approach and the insight of your Guide, we'll design a series of sessions on Loveware that may include topics like:
  • Communications
  • Finances
  • Intimacy
  • Household Roles and Responsibilities
  • Parenting and Family Planning
  • Values and the Future
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Navigating Our Differences

A space just for you

To get the most out of your experience, you’ll spend 4 sessions with Loveware, special tech designed to lead you through guided exercises and discussion prompts with magical surprises. Loveware is:
  • Interactive and adapts to your answers
  • At your own pace
  • Filled with surprises

An expert Guide

You'll meet twice over Zoom with your Guide, who has a Master's degree or higher in some form of Therapy, Mental Health, or Counseling. They're experts in:
  • Understanding the research
  • Providing insight into your relationship
  • Crafting fun and engaging challenges for you and your partner
  • Answering all the questions you might have

Meet the Guides.

Liz Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT

Co-founder, Head of Relationship Health; ask me about the book I wrote

Nora Nova, M.Ed.

Lead Guide and premarital counselor: ask me about the languages I speak

Robin Dunn Bryant, MSW

Guide and relationship scientist; ask me about my obsession with dogs

Harmony Hampton, MSW

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my military service

Janay Holland, PhD, MFT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my TikTok video of the week

Wande Ogunkoya, MSW

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me how long it took to finish today's Wordle

Haley Selarnick, LMFT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about what recipe I'm making this week!

Stephanie Wray LMHC, ATR-BC, EXAT

Guide and premarital counselor; ask me about my passion for expressive arts

OURS vs traditional premarital counseling

OURSTraditional Premarital Counseling
Delivered by expertsDelivered by community
Topic, skill, and research basedFocused on topics
Virtual and at your own paceIn-person
Welcoming of all couplesEngaged couples of faith

Top FAQs

A life changing experience, including:

Two ~45 minute private sessions with a Guide.

Four 60 minute guided sessions via our Loveware.

A personalized roadmap catered to your relationship and goals.

Nearly unlimited questions, surprises, and more throughout the experience.

You should anticipate completing the entire experience in 4 weeks. However, this doesn't mean that you need to sign up immediately after purchasing - you can book your first session up to 30 days in the future, so there’s no rush.

Truthfully, we know there’s never a right or wrong time to start something new. We also know that your relationship matters and it’s important to prioritize it, especially during the times when life gets in the way. That’s why it is important for us to personally tailor the experience to your relationship, your goals, and your busy schedule.

No problem - nearly half of our couples aren’t engaged (they're either dating or already married). OURS is for relationships of all kinds – new connections, serious relationships, recently engaged, the married crowd and everything in between. As long as you're looking to proactively invest in your relationship, you’ll fit right in.

You can check out Hannah Seligson's account of her OURS experience in the New York Times here.

We work with the best relationship experts we know and our Guides are no exception. They’ve all been especially handpicked for their compassion, enthusiasm, and trailblazing relationship approach.

Each Guide has, at the very least, a Master's degree in some form of Therapy, Mental Health, or Counseling (e.g., a Master's of Marriage and Family Therapy, a Master's of Psychology, etc.). Highly qualified and personally vetted, think of them as your personal cheerleader who will be there for you, at every step of your journey to answer your questions, give advice, and integrate your learnings. They uniquely tailor your experience to ensure you’re getting the most out of what you’re looking for.

The OURS program is not couples therapy. The OURS program is a psycho-educational experience that will support you to connect with your partner, understand and build skills, and create plans for the future. Whereas, couples therapy is typically longer term and a more diagnostic experience that focuses on healing past traumas (inside and outside of the relationship) and issues to change destructive, often unconscious habits, overcoming betrayals and deep pain within the relationship and navigating conflict resulting from painful feelings. Couples therapy might also be used in conjunction to individual therapy for the treatment of a mental health diagnosis or concern.

While we aren't offering couples therapy at the moment, we do believe in it very strongly!

You'll complete a welcome survey (about 10 minutes) first, meet with your Guide live (~45 minutes), complete your 4 Loveware sessions (this is dependent on you; however, sessions tend to be completed in about an hour each), and meet with your Guide again (~30 minutes) for a total of about 6 hours, give or take.

3 steps...

Get started. Answer a few confidential questions to see if you’re a good fit for the premarital counseling program. Most OURS couples are proactive, looking for insight into their relationship, and excited to talk about something new.

Meet your Guide. If you’re a good match, we’ll reach out and introduce you to your Guide, a world-class expert who will be the center of your OURS journey. They will schedule a fun exploratory call to hear about where you’ve been as a couple and what you want in your relationship. Then your Guide will take what they've learned to map out how we can help you get there.

Start the OURS experience. The adventure begins. Through our research-backed proprietary program, we build a personalized experience for you and your partner to explore the big stuff together. You’ll use our special, relationship-building ‘loveware’ tech to navigate guided exercises, bespoke discussion prompts, and so much more.

You can take our program at any time (we've even had people join after the wedding!) However, if you're having a big wedding, you might not want to do the program too close to the date — you'll have a lot to do and we encourage you to find time you can really focus on the program.

Absolutely. See an overview of your OURS experience here.

When your Guide meets with you, they will learn more about you and your partner to understand your relationship and relationship needs. After meeting, they will come up with a roadmap of sessions designed to help you discuss the topics you and your partner need to discuss the most. Each session includes:

  1. Conversation prompts
  2. Activities - like drawing, writing, and even a scavenger hunt or two
  3. Psychoeducation - this means that you'll learn alot!
  4. Planning exercises

Because the sessions are dependent on the couple, every roadmap is different, however you and your partner might end up talking about:

  1. Sex
  2. Your Family
  3. Finances
  4. Parenting
  5. Personal and Relationship Goals
  6. Boundaries
  7. Your relationship agreements
  8. Good Communication
  9. Compromise
  10. Household Tasks
  11. Dreams
  12. Values
  13. Spirituality

...and so much more!

You’re going to have to trust us on this one. Behind the scenes, we’re working our magic to match you to the right Guide based on your requirements, our in-house data, and good old-fashioned intuition! But if you have any non-negotiables (e.g., experience with long-distance couples, a particular ethnic background) then we’ll make it happen.

Apparently you do! We appreciate your eye for details, we're the same way. You can use SECRET10 as a promo code during checkout for 10% off your purchase.

That's a weird question. And we love weird questions. See here.

Email us here and we'll see what we can do!

Unfortunately, we are unable to take insurance at this time.

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100% of couples report feeling closer after OURS. We know that sounds suspicious, but we keep asking and couples keep saying yes.