Secret Date Club

It's our favorite day of the week, because it’s date night! This week, our Head Therapist and co-founder, Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, is guiding you through a conversation on intimacy. Need we say more? Enjoy!

  • Step 1: Get close to each other! Talking about sex means being vulnerable — so make sure you are comfortable. Choose between a 60-second hug or a 20-second kiss, and then let's get started! We’re excited for this one!
  • Step 2: Close your eyes and think about one specific, sexy memory with your partner. Whatever comes to mind first — go with it. Think of how you associate this memory with each of your 5 senses (how you see it, how you hear it, how it smells, how it tastes and how it feels to the touch). Spend 5 minutes thinking about or writing down your answers, and then move on to step 3!
  • Step 3: Now take turns turning to each other and sharing that specific, sexy memory with your partner and how you remember it with your 5 senses. Spend about 5 minutes each sharing with one another.
  • Step 4: Now — come up with 1 way you can combine the elements of each of your memories to create a whole new experience. Maybe you take the smell of one partner’s memory and combine it with the sound of the other partner’s. Its totally up to you, but have fun with this! Take 5 minutes on this.
  • Step 5: Amazing — we think this will lead to another really great memory!

Did you enjoy this date? You'll love OURS.

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