Keep growing closer with OURS with new topics and conversations that dig deeper

You wrapped up your first OURS experience. What happens next?

You’ve proven how important your relationship is to you by being a part of OURS - so why stop now?

You can continue to invest in your relationship by diving into new topics and exploring conversations deeper when you purchase:

  • Loveware Sessions
    • Choose from an additional 8 topics that include insightful discussion prompts, games, exercises for individual reflection, and more!
    • Get insights from your Guide after each content session
    • $50 per session

      Great for: surprising your partner with an OURS date night, continuing conversations, and digging deeper into your relationship.

  • Live Check-In Session with your Guide
    • 1 virtual session with your expert Guide
    • Meet with your Guide again to address the progress you've made, align on new goals, and re-orient your future roadmap
    • $150 per session, find an opening as quickly as next week

      Great for: couples who want to chat about what's been going well, what could be better, and map out how they'll implement new skills and conversations to continue growing their relationship.
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