Values and Promises

Jess, Adam, and Liz, LMFT, CGT

Table of Contents

Who we are:

OURS empowers couples to build great relationships through expert guidance, personalized programming, and dedicated time. We are building a relationship health brand that…

  • Embraces the mess as much as - if not more than - it embraces the beauty of relationships. Relationships are what make us human, and we never pretend perfect exists for any relationship. We embrace a beginner’s mindset and believe that every relationship can strengthen through intentionality and exploration.
  • Commits to an inclusive, accepting and diverse world. Relationships are human, transcending race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, age, differently abled, religion, socioeconomic background and life experiences. We believe that words are just the beginning: it's action and accountability that matter most. We commit to building a team and customer base that is diverse across all of these facets, and creating a safe space that listens, learns and grows as a result of and in honor of our differences.
  • Sees this work as a sacred responsibility. We have the ultimate honor of serving the most important part of our human health and happiness. We believe that our work demands high standards, quality, honesty and integrity from everyone involved. We know that trust is earned and delicate, and we aim to build that trust through our actions, not our words.
  • Leads with compassion and love, but isn’t afraid to be fun. As care providers, we lead with compassion to foster loving conversations and relationships. We also believe that relationships are meant to be enjoyed and the work that goes into relationships should be fun and meaningful. We strive to create experiences that are life-changing and significant, in a way that feels like a hot yoga class.
  • Is rooted in what’s real: both the science and the lived experience. The entire Ours experience and approach is built upon well-studied and well-applied research. We also recognize that the vast majority of research in this space often doesn’t apply to every couple. We build upon researched theories and apply science and data to modern, real life.
  • Makes sure you know that you belong and feel heard, seen & understood. No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, no matter what your relationship looks like, you belong here at Ours. We aim to replace the stigma that is associated with couples therapy with celebration and pride.

What we are not:

As OURS, we are NOT:

  • Clinical: We incorporate facts, underlying research and data, but we are always warm, caring more about meeting you where you are than what the science says.
  • Classically sentimental: You won’t find us in the Hallmark aisle, but you will find us writing you long, handwritten, personal notes.
  • Authoritative: Our team has seen a lot and has experienced a lot and will use that to guide you in figuring stuff out, but we’ll never just tell you what to do - even when that’s exactly what you want to hear.
  • Speedy / efficient: We like to take our time to get to the heart of the matter, and it’s sometimes frustrating when you just want to get to the point.
  • Ha-ha funny: Cheeky, yes. Clever, yes. Sassy, sometimes. But sarcastic or ironic humor isn’t in our playbook.
  • One size fits all: Not saying we’re not welcoming and inclusive. Everyone belongs here. But we see you and your relationship as a unique, living being with multiple facets, and take those nuances into account when interacting with you.
  • Go with the flow: We adapt to you but we’re clear on where we are headed together.