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Jess, Adam, and Liz, LMFT, CGT

Congratulations on completing our 60 second quiz! So now you know the danger of contempt - but what is contempt and how can you prevent it?

In short (and I mean really short), contempt is when you put your partner beneath you and think they are ‘less than’. It can be particularly destructive when it spirals into a sense of superiority. The scary news is that contempt often grows slowly over time. The good news is that it can be prevented with a few very simple concepts - gratitude, appreciation, and assuming best intent.

You can try this out right this moment. Open your phone and text your partner 1 thing they’ve done in the past 48 hours that you appreciate. It can be as small as saying good morning, but don’t wait, send it right now.

These are all things we help couples talk about at OURS, the world’s first modern, proactive approach to relationship wellness. Whether you’re dating, engaged, newly married, or just looking to proactively invest in your relationship and talk about the new stuff, couples find that OURS is fun, meaningful, and brings them closer together.

You can learn more about our approach and how we help couples proactively combat contempt here. And since you're now a pro, be sure to use SECRET10 at checkout for 10% off your first purchase.

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