If OURS were a person...

Jess, Adam, and Liz, LMFT, CGT

There’s nothing more important in life than relationships. That’s why we’re building OURS. But before that, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We wanted to create a brand, space, and approach that felt like a close friend. We’re so excited for you to meet us.

Without further ado, meet OURS…

Meet OURS, the older sister you go to when you just want to be.

Her hair is always in an effortless french braid and she’s wearing loungewear the way you see loungewear being worn in commercials.

She’s known you since before partners were ever in the picture, and she’s been that solid, always level-headed, quiet force by your side through all your ups and downs.

You’ve laughed to the point where you don’t know what you’re laughing about with her, and you’ve sobbed from broken hearts with her.

Her hugs are tight and her kitchen is warm and bright and there’s always a pot of water on the brink of boiling. She’s never one to leave your big mug of tea empty and if it’s nighttime, she splashes a little whiskey in there too, winking and grinning while she does it without asking.

She has a quick wit, coming out with one-liners that are perfectly timed, not only making you laugh and laugh, but also bring a lightness to whatever you’re going through.

She’s playful and fun, and she has a way of rallying everyone around her, believing in her out-there ideas, wanting to go on all the adventures she plans, from her signature home-grown guessing games to her grand experiences-of-a-lifetime. She’s motivated by challenging the status quo and has big dreams that would seem impossible to anyone else. But because it’s her, she has a way of making you believe in them too.

She loves hosting dinner parties that are huge in number but cozy in feeling, lasting well into the night. She gracefully poses questions you’d never dare explore the answers to in public (and let’s be honest, probably not in private either), but somehow there’s something in the air that makes everyone engage and somehow all the things you thought were just your problems are totally normal to the group. 

She always remembers the big dates. Not just your birthday or holidays, but days that are uniquely important to you too, and she’s constantly finding reasons to celebrate with new traditions.

Her voice is sweet and soothing, but don’t be fooled – her questions get to the heart of your heart, never ignoring the important stuff, good and bad, making you feel heard and held at the same time.

She’s like a mirror: thoughtful and honest, remembering not only what you said and did over the years, but how it all made you feel along the way.

You know going to her means she’ll call you on your BS – especially you’re about to make a wreckless choice for your heart.

While it’s easy being with her, she has this habit of pushing you to a place that isn’t always easy to be in. She pushes you, sometimes so far that it makes you uncomfortable, making you want to run to the friends who are nothing like her – the fun friends you go to blow off steam with, who let you be irresponsible and surface-level for once.

But she’s your home. She has this way of seeing you through the very best lens – she sees in you what you hope to be, and gives you the space to be that.

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