3 surprising ways to make wedding planning 10x easier

Planning a wedding consists of 1000s of steps. Yet, most couples skip the most important 3: setting a time budget, picking a singular vision, and going to premarital counseling (seriously). Doing these 3 things will not only improve your wedding, but will make the actual wedding planning process 10x easier.

Setting a time budget

You know to set a wedding budget, and you're more than likely not to go over (well, at least excessively) because you know the consequences. Money doesn't grow on trees, after all — and neither does time.

Setting a time budget with your partner is an important step of your wedding planning process. Just as you would allocate money towards your wedding, you should plan on allocating a certain number of hours, days, or maybe weekends, towards wedding planning. Perhaps you and your partner will decide you'll set aside 5 hours per week until your wedding that are just for planning, or pick 4 weekends to solely focus on the big day.

Setting a time budget will allow you to feel less overwhelmed with planning, spend more quality time with your partner, and remind you that there is more to your upcoming marriage than just the wedding.

Sharing a vision

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life — and your partner's. Ensuring that you and your partner have the same visions for the day, like how many of your favorite people will be there and how you imagine feeling at the end of the day is just as important as remembering to book a venue. Chatting through your visions of the day, and the moments during it, is a good way to kick-off your planning, and could even make for a really fun date-night conversation.

Going to premarital counseling

We're not just saying this because we're a premarital counseling company, we promise. We're saying it because couples have a 30% less chance of getting divorced after going — and 100% of couples who go through OURS feel closer after (and, those are couples who were already very in love with each other).

Premarital counseling with OURS will help you start your journey right to survive and thrive into your happily ever after. It's secular, modern, virtual, delivered by experts, personalized, and welcoming of all couples.

We wish you the best in your wedding planning endeavors, and, look forward to maybe even helping you through one of these tasks.

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