11 Best Premarital Counseling Options in New York City

New York City is one of the most romantic places in the world to fall in love. Finding the one in a city of millions can feel like an IRL rom-com materializing in front of your very eyes. It’s magical when you finally meet the person that can give you the sort of life-affirming relationship that you’ve been seeking.

Like any New Yorker, you want the best of the best — and you’ll do whatever it takes to elevate your relationship from good to great. You’re no stranger to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work needed to make your happily-ever-after come true.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone with the right, ongoing support. And the amazing part? Making forever last with your significant other doesn’t have to be hard work. Putting in the time to build a strong and long-lasting relationship can feel fun, meaningful, and productive with premarital counseling.

What is premarital counseling?

Back then, couples therapy had a specific purpose. It was either reserved for engaged couples seeking faith-based counseling or as an intervention tool in high-conflict situations for the older, married crowd. In both cases, these couples would seek out professional help reactively instead of as a preventative measure.

Since those days, therapy has expanded its offerings to include couples looking for a proactive approach. These couples care about their relationship, enough to admit they’re willing to put in the time and energy to build a connection that can withstand life’s various challenges. Premarital counseling creates a growth-oriented pathway for couples of all kinds, ages, and dynamics to participate in relationship-building activities where they can fortify their bond sooner rather than later.

Time and time again, researchers point out that active and honest communication is the secret ingredient in making relationships last. Although we know it’s important to share our experiences, feelings, and expectations with our partner, opening up isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, we haven’t been taught the expert-approved skills to let someone in and build a healthy relationship that can stand the test of time. Fights happen and resentment settles in. Not being able to address important conversations can end good relationships. That’s why engaging in premarital counseling opens up healthy lines of communication for people looking to move their love forward with intention and tenderness.

Premarital counseling carves out time for different couples to proactively learn about topics like their life goals, financial matters, values, and patterns – all while shoring up research-backed tools to best serve the relationship for the future. The therapist office is no longer an emotional standoff, but instead becomes a safe space to practice coping skills and healthy ways to navigate differences that will best serve your relationship. Insecurities and secrets are shared and accepted in love which increases your security and trust towards each other.

Why would couples in New York benefit from premarital counseling?

In this sparkling metropolis, it attracts a variety of hustlers, dreamers, and starstruck lovers. But despite being the land of plenty and 24/7 access to countless options, research shows it’s notoriously difficult to commit and then maintain long-term relationships.

A study by Time Out revealed 61.3% of women consider dating in New York City a challenge compared to 50.8% of men. On a scale from one to ten of dating ease, women give NYC a 5.9 whereas men give it a 6.9 rating. It’s clear that while it may be easy to find suitors, it’s much harder to be satisfied with their dating life.

Navigating diverse backgrounds, busy lifestyles, and high standards can be tricky. When two New Yorkers are able to find and hold onto each other, making a good thing last becomes vital. Although people can manage a relationship on their own, it takes contributions from friends, family, and yes – even therapists to imbue their connection with needed perspectives they can’t gain alone. For couples looking for additional guidance in their love life, premarital counseling acts as a preparation tool to troubleshoot problems before they collapse into major fights down the line.

Since so many New Yorkers are always on the go zipping between their job, friends, and personal life, they value time-saving measures that can help them save months, if not years, of relationship challenges down the line. Going to premarital counseling helps them navigate potential problems long-term with presence and awareness.

Instead of waiting for the shoe to drop, you can approach the relationship and assess true compatibility. You are able to discuss conflict styles before the “big” fight happens and catastrophe strikes. You can let your partner in and your partner is actually equipped with the tools to respond with care leading to beautiful and regenerative conversations. Premarital counseling offers couples time to relate to each other effectively and realize having the talk doesn’t have to be intimidating, in fact it can be valuable and surrounded in happiness.

Types of New York premarital counseling

Just like in dating, you’ll have to try out several different options. It’ll take a joint effort to see what works for you. We’ve listed the common types of  premarital counseling available in the city.

Finding the right therapist can take awhile. At this point, you’re not just looking for a therapist for you but a therapist that works for you both.

Anticipate weeks and potentially months of shopping around for the right person. Because it can take time to find your match, this is why it’s a great idea to pre-emptively do premarital counseling so you aren’t waiting until you’re in crisis to make time for the relationship.

In-office premarital counseling

Tribeca Therapy

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $125-$350 per session
  • Out-of-network coverage

Healthy Minds NYC

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $100-$400 per session
  • Accepts most insurance

Midtown Marriage & Family Therapy, PC

  • 4-6 sessions
  • In-person and virtual
  • $200 per session
  • $45 fee for assessment
  • Reports
  • Workbook
  • Out-of-network coverage

Collaborative Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC

  • 6-8 sessions
  • $60-$250 per session
  • Options available for insurance
  • Call service for specific fee

Clarity Therapy NYC

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $150-$375 per session
  • Out-of-network insurance offerings

Manhattan MFT

  • 6-session
  • Payment and insurance information not available online

Spiral 2 Grow

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $220-$320 per session
  • Out-of-network insurance offerings

Individual premarital counseling

Irina Firstein, LCSW

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person
  • $180-$200 per session
  • Out-of-network insurance offerings

Jean Fitzpatrick LP

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $300 per session
  • Out-of-network insurance offerings

Robin Bryant, Ph.D.

  • Ongoing basis
  • In-person and virtual
  • $250-$350 per session
  • Accepts most insurance but check in with office

Virtual premarital counseling


  • 4 weeks
  • 6 sessions
  • $50 to get started
  • No insurance taken with money-back guarantee


If you want to try it out but you’re unsure of your partner’s reaction, that’s totally OK. It’s important to prime the topic with levity and fun; remember it doesn’t have to be a big conversation where your partner feels like something must be wrong about the relationship.

It should feel like an enriching activity that you can add to your date night rotation. By being proactive about these topics ahead of time, it neutralizes the intensity of the topics and you’re able to be your full self and share what you’re really feeling.

To make it even easier, OURS is 100% virtual and easy to start. For busy New Yorkers, we know your time is limited with all of the other things you’re juggling in your life. The process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency. To begin, you fill out a survey, meet a Guide to customize your program, and then participate in sessions tailored for your unique relationship. Each session will bring you closer to each other and forever.